The 1CFG team consists experienced management and sales staff who have held various positions in national and international IT companies for more than 20 years.

Andreas Schmidtke

Managing Director und Founder 1CFG

Andreas Schmidtke accompanied various Sales Management functions at national resellers such as Controlware and international manufacturers, including Cisco Systems. Schmidtke is what is meant by a „MAKER“! He recognized early on the possibilities of actively selling services to companies to develop and support their go-to-market activities and to design and implement correspondingly successful sales concepts. In doing so, he successfully relies on the principle „Leading By Example!“

Achim Siewitz

Senior Partner Co-Founder

After studying communications engineering Achim Siewitz worked in various roles in Sales Management for national and international IT companies (e.g. Bull, DEC, Cisco, Logicalis, etc.). Siewitz is an expert in the field of Change Management. His analytical skills allow him to identify possibilities and weaknesses in organizations and to help them again to achieve high profitability with appropriate conceptual and sales-technical measures.His human ability and communication skills help him to recognize the tendency within different organizational units and to convert them into positive energy.

Dietmar Holderle

Senior Partner

He is the partner with the economics/business background. Dietmar Holderle is an accomplished and sales focused Senior Leadership and Management Executive with a wealth of experience in all areas of driving new business development and revenue growth, using strong leadership and management skills to create shared vision and align sales strategy to corporate vision and objectives. He has demonstrable success in global IT corporates (3Com, Cisco Systems, Aruba, DELL) as well as an impressive record of delivering successful strategies to build start-up business (Foundry Networks, Force10), drive sustainable profit and revenue growth, and maximize shareholder value.